BDTUW update 
We're still working hard on BDTUW, but as we decided to give it a bit of a facelift the development process has slowed down a bit. We have few other games in progress as well. Hopefully something worthwhile will be released before the end of the year.

can u plzzzz release new demo or a beta version or anything from this game i'dloved it so much and i am waiting from long time
plzzz try to finish faster :) plzz :D

the only game that i'm waiting for ! ".."

can you please release a new demo?

has secret agent hotel been scrapped?

I can't stress just how awesome this looks or how much I am looking forward to it - it looks brilliant, sounds brilliant and, from the demo, I'd have to say that it's hella fun to play.

This is amazing. This is a devotion to an art form. 2 people will work 2 years on a good idea giving it two facelifts an offbeat story and a small demo. All of this and still keep a devoted following and using relatively cheap software and releasing the game for free. This game is a compliment to the entire industry.

i don't care when this comes out, so long as it comes out. i am so's damned excitesd


Before the end of the year is a date i dont mind.

so... that means BDTUW won't be out till '09?!?!?! NOOOOOOooooooooooo

I'm rooting for you two! These screens are torturing me... Can't wait to play! ;D

ah it looks great!

It looks fantastic! Can't wait for the full game, it
will be the perfect Christmas-gift for someone I know
(me) :D

Glad you're still working on it! I think it is a promising game, from what I saw in the videos. Good luck!

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