xWUNG Flash game 
Here is a little Flash-game we've made: xWUNG. Click on the image to play now!

Alternative link (Kongregate.com)

mike markham 
great game, its as fun as the original and all the new foe's are awesome

are their anymore flash games your working on?

It might get better reception on newgrounds.


I'm really glad you've ported this to Flash. Now I don't have to run Bootcamp to play. I hope this trend continues...

How about Psychosomnium?

I find this version to actually being better than the original.
The rope/line for the white thing is more visible, the powerups are better, background/style is better, explosions are better. Enemy bits don't mix with the background also... All around, a better xWUNG xPERIENCE!

Deceased Crab 
9th on the high score, but I'm sure that won't last.

So tell me, just what are those little blinking squares that sometimes appear at the edge of the screen? I was too terrified of getting hit when I was getting my high score to experiment.

Eric Diepeveen 
Awesome game. I love the concept. It's also quite challenging to hit a target with your little white thingy of pain.

You guys are a real inspiration for me. Keep making awesome experimental games!

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