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Here is some info about games currently in development at Lo-Fi Minds:

Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld, or BDTUW! for short, is a slick and stylish platformer set in the bad neighborhoods of the cartoon universe. You're Twink, a harmless little creature who wakes up and finds himself in bad company. Only able to communicate through cute sounds and gibberish, you'll realize that it's a hard task to get yourself back to where you belong.

In Secret Agent Hotel you wake up to find yourself in a strange situation. A mysterious voice is claiming that you are an undercover agent, and is giving you information about your objective through a plug in your ear. It says that the hotel you are staying at isn't really a hotel, but the head quarters and training facility of a huge terrorist organization that is about to unleash fear and terror all over the world. Your first task is to get to room 257, the door that will take you to the deepest inner of the enemy. But what you find behind the door is course upon course of twisted obstacles. As you progress, you start to notice that the enemy seems to be aware of your every move, and the story that the voice in your ear is telling you is getting harder to believe by the second.

very awesome stuff, you guys are an inspiration.
i recently started making games myself (finished my first game, which i'm very proud of) in game maker, but i really want to start making games in c++/c#. anyone know the learning curve?



Wow, these both look like they're going to be fantastic! I don't know which one I'm looking forward to more; BOTUW has such a cool style and great looking characters, but I absolutely love the sound of Secret Agent Hotel's story.

BDTUW will be a GM game, and we're doing a GM prototype for Secret Agent Hotel, but the final version will likely end up taking a different route.

I will be delighted when a hideous monster tells ME that I'm cute.

Also, are these still being made in Game Maker?

Haha awesome! I have been checking to see if this site was up for awhile, and those games look great. Can't wait. =]

wowowowowowo. I wish I was beta tester...

Hotel looks really really good. :)

Adam R 
Yay! Let us know when you need beta testers!

looking very awesome indeed, keep us updated :D

hell yes

oh neat!, the lower right BDTUW! screenshot shows you're doing some animated typography again; my favorite part in illegal communication was the plant-bud creature who would yell at me not to hurt it and whose words i had literally to dodge. i couldn't get past it, but it was pretty enough i didn't mind.

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